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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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the factor great again. i'm eric bolling, and please remember the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. right now on "justice." >> this is the biggest load of bull i ever heard. >> the cavalier clintons are at it again. in tonight's opening statement, i'll tell you why what we now know about the clinton foundation and its pay to play politics are enough to disqualify hillary clinton from a move into the white house. plus, can this campaign be saved? >> it's so easy to solve. everybody understands that. >> i talk to the trump campaign about the rough couple of weeks and how they can get right back on message and right back on top for november. "justice" starts now. hello and welcome to "justice."
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i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now to my opening statement. it wasn't about convenience. and this is not old news. she set up the personal server to prevent us from learning her private business. and it is only because of a government watchdog group and an ethical federal judge that we found out why this week. why? because bill and hillary clinton are the bonnie and clyde of american politics. now, follow me on this one. why would a woman, a lawyer no less, one experienced many times over in the ways of washington, risk placing classified information, our live assets, the placement of satellites, drones, and our most secret plans on an unprotected,
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non-government, non-capturable server? why would she violate federal regulations upon which she was schooled just before she became secretary of state? not to mention violate federal criminal laws that would put her in jail. she's too smart to do that. why would she take the time to make the effort to hide, destroy, and delete 33,000 e-mails? now we know. she did it for the most selfish of reasons. the oldest of motives. she did it for greed and for power and for the almighty dollar. she did it to hide her shady clinton foundation dealings. she did it in order to do favors for clinton donors and to put a price tag on our state departme department. the same duo who came up with a
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scheme to rent out the lincoln bedroom is back in business with a new and bigger scheme, one that is more far-reaching and worldwide, one that violates not only the law but all codes of moral and ethical conduct in government. a couple willing to sell anything to the highest bidder for money and power. this is why the e-mails were hidden from the beginning. and this is why they were ultima ultimately destroyed and deleted. this week we find out top state department aide sheryl mills, formerly of the president bill clinton impeachment team, aligned with hillary ever since, and also on that private server was advised in 2012 that a freedom of information request was made for the number of e-mail accounts used by hillary clinton. now dozens of senior officials throughout the state department
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including clinton's immediate staff obviously concerned, exchange e-mails with the secretary and sheryl mills. they actually used the personal account to discuss the official business and advise her of this foia request. their response to the request? there were no records. they were in active defense mode to hide their scheme. and when truth is put to the lie, that in fact there was an e-mail account, they say they made a mistake. had they been honest, that personal server would have been exposed years earlier. and also this week we find out a clear pay to play relationship between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. an urgent e-mail from doug band, formerly assistant to president bill clinton, now overseeing the clinton foundation to sheryl mills and huma abedin, those two
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jewels on that private server, request that a huge clinton foundation donor meet a high state department contact in lebanon. the individual paid the price of admission, folks. gilbert shaguri gave between 1 and 5 million dollars to the clinton foundation and pledged a billion dollars to the clinton global initiative. so of course arrangements are made for him to meet with jess feldman, the former u.s. ambassador to lebanon, the country where shagori was doing business. abedin, ironically, paid both by the foundation and the state department. immediately responds with i'll talk to jeff. ignoring the agreement between hillary and president obama to create a wall between that clinton foundation and the state department, confident that it would never be found out.
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and when we learned there was a private server, what happens? you do what anyone wanting to hide the evidence does. you erase. you conceal. you hide. you destroy. now, i've told you this before. the clinton foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation parading as a charitable foundation, where estimates are that only 15% of its money goes to charities. the rest to expenses. a veritable slush fund for clinton operatives and ex-employees. a convenient way to get money for foreign countries and donors not allowed to contribute to presidential campaigns but willing to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into a foundation of a powerful secretary of state and possible future president. why and for what? for access. for information. for power. folks, politicians on a much
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lower level of course have gone to jail for much less. and we find out this week that when the fbi, three separate offices, approached the department of justice to commence an investigation into this so-called not for profit 501c3 the department of justice refuses to do so. and fifth amendment pleading lois lerner, when she opens files on small conservative organizations, she gets away with it too. a few years' vacations, a bonus, and a pension. so it's no surprise that the doj refuses to investigate the clinton foundation. no surprise at all. the collusion between loretta lynch and bill clinton was on display for all to see in an astoun tarmac in phoenix while an investigation of bill clinton's wife was being conducted by loretta lynch.
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and consider this one. isn't it curious how miss lynch is willing to listen to the fbi when they recommend not going forward with charges against hillary clinton but when the fbi recommends going forward with a criminal probe on a blantd pay to play bribery investigation of the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation their answer is a resounding no. and you know what, folks? the clintons, they're not even grateful. they are classless. take a listen. >> the fbi director said when he testified before congress he had to amend his previous day's statement that she had never received any e-mails marked classified. they saw two little notes with a c on it. this is the biggest load of bull
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i ever heard. >> you know, the fbi's ability to lose decades of hard-earned and well-respected credibility is now on display for the country to see. you know, jim comey's the fbi director, and i told you jim last week what happens when you run with these kinds of people. >> jim, you're running with dogs, and you know better than i that when you lie with dogs expect to get fleas. >> jim listened to that comment from bill clinton. jim, my friend, you deserved it. and that's my opening statement. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. hashtag judgejeanine. and with me now, progress, texas
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executive director and hillary clinton supporter, ed espinoza. all right, ed, let's talk about the fact that you've got hillary clinton's aides employed by the clinton foundation and the state department when hillary clinton promised president obama that there would be a wall between the foundation and the state department. how did she get around that when she sound an m.o.u., a memo of understanding with the president that there would be no connection between the two? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me back. i do appreciate being here. and as far as the e-mails go, look, i've worked in the government office before. many people have. you can't always control the e-mails that are coming in to your office -- >> i'm not talking about the e-mails. i'm talking about hillary clinton said that there would be a wall between the state department and the clinton foundation. so if there is that wall that she promised the president of
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the united states, how is it, number one, that huma abedin is paid by both the state department and the clinton foundation and that she is reaching out to the state department to make sure that a clinton foundation donor gets a meeting with a -- the -- mr. feldman there, the ambassador to lebanon? >> well, i'm not certain that she was getting paid by both organizations at the same time -- >> she was. >> well, that's an important distinction. i'm not familiar with those details. but i will say this, if there's an m.o.u. between the state department and another office in the government, that doesn't necessarily bind an outside entity by that m.o.u. -- >> the m.o.u. was between hillary clinton and the president saying that there would be a wall between the foundation -- >> you asked a question. i'm trying to give you an answer to it. respectfully, if the other organization from the outside sends an e-mail and they send
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requests, they're not bound by -- the outside entity is not bound by that m.o.u. now, as i was saying, i've worked for government offices before. lots of unusual and sometimes misguided requests will come in to those government offices. the important thing is do the offices receiving them have the judgment to act or not act on them? and in this case i don't think there's any evidence that the state department did act on those e-mails. >> yeah, they set up the meeting. ed, they set up the meeting. and by the way, when you've got the same woman employed by the foundation and the state department who's setting up the meeting for a guy who gave $5 million to the foundation, whether or not the meeting occurred is not the issue. chagoury and feldman say it didn't occur. but they set up the meeting. have you got a problem with that? >> i'm really not familiar with those particular details. so i wish i could tell you more. >> all right. >> i don't know that far on it. >> bill and hillary clinton
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released their taxes today. >> mm-hmm. >> and 96% of their charitable donations went to their own foundation. did you know that? >> i was unaware of that. but i do think it's telling they released their tax returns when comparatively donald trump hasn't released any of his tax returns. and i think that if we want to have an even playing field to see where charitable contributions are going that let's see where donald trump's cards are. we know where the clintons' cards are now. >> yeah, we do. and they put their money in their own foundation, which we don't really understand because accountants are telling us they have a whole new paradigm the way they set it up. ed espinoza, it's good to have you on the show. thanks very much. my political panel is still ahead tonight and we'll get into all of this but next, national donald trump spokesman katrina pearson standing by and we have questions about a rough few weeks for doonld trump. p and how
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we have a newspaper that's failing badly. it's losing a lot of money. it's going to be out of business very soon. "the new york times." okay? i love it.
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and they wrote a story today, anonymous sources have said, three anonymous sources. anonymous this, anonymous that. the newspaper's going to hell. they've got a couple of reporters in that newspaper who are so bad, i mean lack of talent. but it's going to hell. so i think maybe what we'll do, maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials. >> that's donald trump at a campaign rally in connecticut a few minutes ago suggesting he might pull "the new york times" press credentials for an article that's citing problems within his campaign. this amid another tough week for him on the campaign trail. and a new controversy with dozens of republicans calling for the rnc to cut off funds to trump's presidential campaign. here with reaction is katrina pierson, donald trum's national spokesperson. all right, katrina, i am looking at this article now.
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"inside the failing mission to save donald trump from himself." and donald is correct. i mean, it is one anonymous source after another. and that you know, the campaign is in trouble. is the campaign in trouble? >> no, judge, it isn't. but that is -- that has become the most common theme, whether it's "new york times" and other mainstream print press or even at cnn, there's always this anonymous source or two anonymous sources that seem to know more than even the campaign knows about the campaign. they've all been riding the trump campaign obituary now for over a year. even after reince priebus was campaigning with donald trump yesterday they're still writing stories that the rnc does not support donald trump and vice versa. we have to remind people that donald trump is the one raising the money for the rnc. >> you know, katrina, though, when i hear donald in connecticut, and i'm not sure why he's in connecticut but
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we'll get to that in a minute. you know, talking about "the new york times." who cares about "the new york times"? who cares about what they say? i mean, people want the fight in donald to be against hillary clinton. what we're hearing about the clinton foundation and this craziness of people contributing millions and billions of dollars, getting access. it's the old lincoln bedroom all over again on steroids. so why is he doing this? >> well, you will hear him talk about that as well. and the rally will be online for anyone that wants to see it that missed it tonight. he talks about all of the above simply because look, judge, he is fighting not just against hillary clinton. he is fighting the media. he's been able to get past the media by taking them on head to head because as you know when someone's constantly attacking you and you don't defend yourself it actually works against you and not for you. and that's why we're excited to have donald trump as a
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republican candidate, someone that's going to take these people head on and call them out for their lies. and i think more people now understand the biased media because they're definitely not hiding it anymore. but they're getting donald trump's side of things, which is something that's never been done in republican elections in the past. >> but you know, let's assume that the press is going to focus on things. and i find it stunning, katrina, as a prosecutor when i look at all of this stuff that we're just seeing in the e-mails that were deleted, expunged, concealed, burnt, wiped, whatever you want to say. and everybody just ignores it. and they're worried about what donald meant about 2nd amendment people and supreme court. i mean, i understand it, but at the same time he now understands the press. why play their game? why not just get out there and say and this week we saw this and this and this and not even go in the other area. >> well, you're right. it's not news that the clintons are corrupt to the core. they have a string of scandals behind them for over 30 years.
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the media's been covering for them. and you know, it's no secret that there's corruption in the government. i mean, cronyism is why we have a donald trump nominee and why the bernie sanders people rose up and why the tea party even started. donald trump is taking on everything. this is the entire establishment, whether it's the right or the left or even the media. and donald trump is taking them head on. he will be talking about the e-mails. and if you check your in box, the campaign just sent out a very lengthy discussion on the e-mails as well as the pay to play for the clinton foundation. and the media's not going to talk about that. so the media has to be called out for what they are. the bias has to be pointed out so that when individuals do hear what the media is saying they know to only take it with a grain of salt simply because they're not telling the whole truth. and look, judge, you mentioned earlier one thing after another for the trump campaign and the reason why is because the media doesn't want to cover the e-mail scandal because they've been covering for hillary for a very long time. she left the campaign trail for
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the entire weekend after the news came out and cnn broke it that three fbi field offices wanted to investigate the clinton foundation and no one is asking her these questions. >> i've got to go, katrina. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still ahead, trump pollster kelly anne conway is here to map out the path to november. jacki.
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now back to "justice with judge jeanine." a bad week for the clinton family as new reports raise more serious questions about the clinton foundation. joining me now, chief counsel for the american center for law and justice, jay sekolow. all right, jay, what have we learned this week from those e-mails that were released? i mean, what we have learned of course is we've got humana abedin being paid by the clinton
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foundation, the state department, and if there's this wall between the state department and the foundation how does somebody get paid by both? who's her -- who does she respond to? >> yeah, so the wall was breached. and it was breached in a couple of contexts. number one, as you mentioned, you had the situation where huma abedin is on the payroll of both the clinton foundation and the state department. now, that should be deemed a little ironic if not of course in my view illegal because the idea that what is it, the clinton foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary -- the state department is a wholly owned subsidiary of the clinton foundation? that's not the way it's supposed to work. there's a federal statute involved. 18 usc 208. you're not supposed to engage in that kind of financial transactions between departments. then number two, sheryl mills, her chief of staff, is interviewing while she's a state department employee, going up to interview people for senior positions. that was in the department of state but rather within the clinton foundation. so that's number two. >> do you know what they say about that, jay?
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they say that was charity work on her part. do they really think we're that stupid? >> well, she was a volunteer. here's the problem. the secretary of state signed a document when she became secretary. it was actually on her senate letterhead. saying she understands the rules, there will be no commingling of activities between the clinton foundation and the state department. she breached those. and then with the sharing of employees -- have you ever heard of such a thing? i mean, i was a government lawyer. you were in government. sharing employees? you don't get to do that. especially when you're the state department head. the secretary of state. then number three, you have the pay for play. basically you make a large donation and e-mail comes out saying to huma abedin saying take care of this guy, basically vip treatment. now, if hillary clinton was not the secretary of state, does that individual get that kind of access to the state department? it really doesn't matter whether the meeting took place or not. although i think the next series of freedom of information act
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requests needs to get that information. that's the information we need now. what happened once the request was made? >> well, jay, certainly more to come. and the guy chagoury, a conviction. a lot of stuff going on. $66 million fine for corruption. a lot of bad stuff there. very bad stuff. anyway, jay, thanks so much for being with us. more time next time. >> thanks, judge. yeah. quite a week of controversy for both of the candidates. a lot to talk about. we're going to get right to it with my political panel. republican strategist and trump campaign senior adviser boris epste epstein. and political commentator and clinton supporter danielle mclaughlin, who we are welcoming to "justice" for the first time. okay. i'll start with you. not a good week for donald. he's down ten points. what is going on? >> "l.a. times" within one point. bloomberg voters within margin of error. no problem at all. listen, our bad week, quote unquote, was that he said there's political voter fraud. voter fraud happens.
1:32 am
her bad week is you learn of more e-mails. you learn the fact that she perjured herself in front of congress when she said she turned over all her e-mails. and then you learn about sheryl mills's visits to new york. she's saying those were for charity. we all know just like you said we all know better. also did she meet with the heads of walmart and amazon for charity? that's a lie. >> what i'm saying is i made all those arguments. it's not helping him. it's hurting her. it's hurting him. >> no. >> why? >> we have 86 days left to go in this election. it's all about making a case to the american people that donald trump is better on national security -- >> but he made his case. he was up last month. >> and polls -- >> "l.a. times" he had ten points and now he's up by one. so donald trump can't get out of his own way to fix this campaign. it's about discipline. this election, this campaign is a job -- this is a job interview. he has shown a lack of discipline. he has shown a lack of real policies. and this nonsense about voters and rigging and pennsylvania.
1:33 am
there are 800,000 more democrats in pennsylvania than there are republicans. so if we get out the vote then clinton will take this without any kind of voter -- >> in 2012 there wasn't one voter for mitt romney in philadelphia. you really believe that? not one voter? i know voters personally who voted -- >> what's your response to that? >> my response is in 2012 the state of pennsylvania signed a legal stipulation saying that they had no knowledge of any voter fraud and -- >> that doesn't mean it didn't happen. that doesn't mean didn't happen. i was on the mccain campaign in '08 and i will tell you for a fact we focused on voter fraud. it happened in ohio -- >> i'm a prosecutor. i know it happens. i prosecute it. i don't need some political person to tell me it doesn't happen. >> i'm just reminding the people, not telling you. >> you say he's running for a job. >> he is running for a job. >> and last month he was winning. so what happened? >> i think that he is using what worked in the primary campaign and it's not working in the general -- >> that he hasn't made the pivot. >> he hasn't made the pivot. he is -- >> is that true? >> of course he's made the pivot. again, you're talking about polls.
1:34 am
there are 86 days out. dukakis was up by 17 after the democrat national convention. >> what is he doing in connecticut tonight? >> he's at a great rally in connecticut. >> it's not a swing state. why is he in con? connecticut. >> because donald trump is a complete game changer. if you go five miles away from the coast in connecticut connecticut is a town with a lot of those rust belt voters and he's getting those energized and -- >> he needs to be in the swing states. she's beating him in the swing states. >> he was in swing states all week. he was in florida about five times. pennsylvania about five times. with where's hillary today? >> excuse me. let me finish. >> let mer finish. >> what donald trump is doing now is what richard nixon did many, many years ago. he tried to visit all 50 states. that is a strategic error on donald trump's part. he needs to focus on ohio, on florida. he needs to focus on -- >> he's not going to hawaii or alaska. it's not the psalm thing as 1960. first of all, richard nixon won that election if it wasn't rigged by the kennedys.
1:35 am
second hillary clinton is nowhe nowhere. she's down all weekend. >> he's my friend in the interest of disclosure. i know donald trump. the man doesn't sleep. he can go to 900 states, he would. that's just who the man is. >> there are voters in those states. also by having a rally tonight it's all over television. it's not just connecticut. the whole country is seeing him. >> that's a good point. and he's a workaholic. i don't know about her. >> she's taking a nap. bill clinton was in vegas last night. how'd that go? >> what happened in vegas? he's the one who said that it was b.s. that jim comey, the head of the fbi, who did him a solid. excuse me, danielle. was that stupid? >> i cannot comment on that and i will not -- >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> i want to go back to where hillary clinton is -- >> no, no, no. is that dumb, for the president of the united states to say that's b.s. for the fbi director who cut his wife loose from a case -- >> he doesn't like comey. >> it's loretta lynch and this
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whole clinton plane, arizona complete mistake. absolute mistake. clinton has made mistakes. i can admit that. >> and now we know that loretta lynch also shut down investigations. three of the field offices wanted to investigate the foundation. loretta lynch shut it down. huge problem. she's been promised that job in the clinton administration -- >> promise td on television. >> donald trump is promising his daughter a place on his cabinet. if that's not cronyism -- >> so is bill and hillary clinton. come on! >> that's not to -- >> it's always good with the panel here. what are the key states that can unlock a victory for donald trump in november? kellyanne conway is a trump pollster, and she's here to walk
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the battle for the swing states is on. new polls this week show hillary clinton with a significant lead in some of the key states. here to break it all down and talk about what trump needs to do to turn it around, trump campaign pollster kellyanne conway. all right, kellyanne, good to have you on "justice." what i want to do is i want to talk about those swing states. you know, donald is not doing as well as he was doing. he's down nationwide. but i want to go through some of the states. i'm going to get them up on the screen. i want to start with florida. now, he won big in florida. right now hillary's at 44. he's at 39. it's a must winn state, correct? for donald. >> we have a huge deal of operation there, and mr. trump was there this week. governor pence, his vice presidential running mate, has been there. that's a state where we've got a great ground game. and the other thing is, the question that nobody's asking,
1:42 am
judge, is why is hillary clinton at 44% in florida? is donald trump really takes the wings off butterflies, as the mainstream media tells us every day, if she's very defined, if she has all the king's horses, all the king's men, all this staff, all this money, all this support, why are her floor and ceiling so dangerously close together? his number is more likely to be dynamic and on the move. it's his number that can go up. she's basically been hovering around the same place for a long time. and i'll tell you what else has happened in the last two weeks. scarcity has benefited her. all of the news coverage is about him. when you shroud her and you protect her and you hide her, she does very well. she tried to win the primary that way. didn't she? they called her the nominee for a long time. then all of a sudden she had to come out and debate bernie sanders. he went on to debate 22 states. she doesn't wear well. that's why they coop her hidden. you can't hide forever. >> when you look at what's going on, if she hides they go after donald. she can have these e-mails come out as they did today that to me indicate a blatant pay for play.
1:43 am
and you know, she just -- her numbers go up and they attack him for saying, you know, second amendment or this or that. >> that's why i want to raise it with you. we can talk about numbers and demography but this is an important point. because it's one thing to have unfair and biased media coverage. we expect that out of the trump campaign. it's quite another, judge, to have incomplete coverage of this race. last i checked there are two major party candidates running for president. only one gets all the coverage. and look, i know it's more exciting to cover donald trump. he's a historically dynamic candidate -- >> he's fascinating. >> she's boring and she lies for a living and people get tired of her. she's very grating. but everybody has a duty to cover her. she can't hide forever. and i'm telling you, soon as you start seeing more of her, not in her $60 million worth of ads but seeing more of her on the stump it won't go well. >> let's go to the next state. what do we have, guys? colorado. she's at 46. he's at 32. what does he do to turn that around? >> visit colorado. and also tap into what i think
1:44 am
is a tremendous grassroots operation in colorado. mitt romney lost that state by six points plus. so that's a state that has -- >> is it the hispanics in colorado? >> mitt romney got less than 30% of them in colorado. is for all the people who are on the ledge hand wringing it's all over they should go back and look that we weren't left with a very good hand to play there titutionally by the last republican nominee. but no republican nominee is going to end up with 32% of the vote in colorado. i think there are five states in play right now. i'd expand into colorado a little bit later. if you're talking about ohio, pennsylvania -- >> we've got north carolina, hillary 48, donald 39. >> we see it tighter inside. we have a tighter race internally, judge. and the fact is that that's another place where both pence and trump have been often recently and will continue to go. it's a state where you've got a republican governor who's up for re-election this year. >> haley -- >> mccrory. pat mccrory. it's the only one of the nine
1:45 am
swing states that mitt romney carried and narrowly. there are nine swing states. he won one, which means he lost eight. let's do the easy math. we actually -- we feel this is august, not october, and that we're poised to earn these votes to continue to campaign -- >> but if donald is the one who's all over the place and she's not he's still lower. we just talked about that with the panel. she's not showing up anywhere. she's got all the bad factual press. and he's got all the illusionary press, negative press. let's keep going. then pennsylvania. hillary 48, donald 37. in that mess. >> we need to increase our margins in the suburbs of philadelphia. boxburg, montgomery county. there's no question that needs to happen. there too it comes down to ground game. it comes down to candidate appearances. and that's also a state that governor romney lost by seven points, and i keep going back to that for a simple reason. i want people to understand that these institutional problems for a republican nominee did not begin with donald trump --
1:46 am
>> but nobody cares about romney. he lost. if he lost you're saying donald's going to lose. >> no, no, he's going to win pennsylvania. >> how could he win it? he's in a mess. >> because it's august, not october. he was ahead in pennsylvania -- >> next state, guys. what's the next state? iowa. okay. he's ahead. >> iowa's fascinating and iowa's a state that does not like hillary rodham clinton. >> why? >> she came in third there behind obama and john edwards in 2008. >> why? >> she just doesn't -- they don't cotton to her. she doesn't click with people in iowa. she effectively lost there to bernie sanders this year. she won by less than a percentage point. that's a place where donald trump will do well. huge rally this week for governor pence there. it's a place where as the governor of indiana he can go into iowa again and again. i'd put him there. >> kellyanne conway, we're going to bring you back and keep going through this. thanks so much for being with us. and who will millennials turn the lever for in november? we'r look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline?
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less than 90 days until election day and the stakes are high. so could the millenial vote end up being a make or break for donald or hillary? let's ask some millenials. democratic strategist harlan hill and democracy for america director neil cirocca.
1:51 am
right now, you, harlan, are for donald trump and you, neil, are for hillary clinton. both of you previously for bernie sanders. so as you look at this week, it has not been a great week for donald trump. why do you think that is? >> well, i think that he's stepped on a rake a couple of times. he's making some style mistakes i think that are avoidable but it's important that he starts telling one important story that millenials will respond to. they are anti-taxes, anti-regulation and anti-central control. if he starts framing the liberal ideology in those terms, i think he can speak to a lot of millenials. remember we came of age during obamanomices. we don't remember good times. if he starts talking about how it's possible to have a pro-growth president in the white house, i think a lot of us will respond to it. it won't come from social programs. it will come from economic growth. >> what do you think of that, neil? >> i think that's pretty funny. listen, we know bernie sanders
1:52 am
got a record number of millenials to the polls in the democratic primary. right now there are three times more americans believe that aliens live among us than bernie sanders supporters who are supporting donald trump. he's an absolute train wreck for millenials and will not get better any time soon. this is one of the most diverse generations this country has ever seen and what you have is a candidate running a bigoted train wreck of a campaign and that's turning millenials off around the country. that's not going to change any time soon. >> in all due respect, only 43% of millenials say they will vote for hillary clinton according to the abc news/"the washington post" poll. the notion that there's overwhelming support for her is wrong. it's not founded in facts. look -- >> there may not be -- >> 16% will vote for johnson and 9% will vote for stein. so this is cut up, she doesn't have the appeal barack obama did or bernie sanders did to millenial voters and sanders
1:53 am
supporters. >> here's what we know. there is absolutely no way that donald trump is going to win millenials' vote. listen, it will be interesting to see where polling ends up closer and closer to election day. more and more millenials will be smart voters that they have been so far and understand that this election is really a choice between two candidates. one candidate who is a bigoted circus barker and the other candidate, hillary clinton. i think they will naturally gravitate towards the sensible candidate. >> with all due respect, neil, if you want to call one names, you have to call the other one a liar -- >> neo-con. >> excuse me. excuse me. i get to ask a question. a liar and someone who is repeatedly lied to the american people about a video, about classified e-mails, her husband comes out and basically says the fbi director is full of a load of b.s. come on. >> listen, i think that is going
1:54 am
to be the charges that are made against hillary clinton and listen, i think that millenial voters are watching donald trump, what he says and what he does, and that's more important than any of these innuendos being made by -- >> what did you call it? when someone lies to the american people? >> listen, we know that donald trump is a repeated liar to the american people. this is a guy -- >> really. what did he lie about? what did he lie about? >> what does he lie about? >> yes. tell me. >> what does he lie about? >> tell me. >> one thing he lied about just this past week is he was somehow trying to gin up gun fanatics when he was actually threatening a presidential candidate. that was a lie. >> really? >> yes, it was. >> what about the night in benghazi they waited 13 hours and hillary clinton said it was -- >> here we go. benghazi. yeah. >> we couldn't have gotten there in time. was that the truth? four people died. >> how many billions are
1:55 am
republicans going to pour into investigating benghazi and finding nothing? hundreds of millions of dollars. they have found nothing. what have they found? what have they found to go after hillary clinton with? >> what are they going to go after her with? >> yes. what? >> the fact four people died and -- >> yes, which is incredibly tragic. >> let me explain when i ask a question, you answer. go ahead. >> hillary clinton does not -- she supported every war since vietnam. she's pro wall street, anti-worker. i cannot in good conscience support her. so i think a lot of millenials are in the same boat at me. when you look at the polls, if you trust the polls, i'm right. >> so neil, what does donald trump have to do to get your vote and harlan, what does hillary have to do to get your vote? >> donald trump needs to run a completely different campaign. he needs to go back to 2008 and maybe think about how he's going
1:56 am
to comport himself over the obama presidency. listen, he lost the millenial vote. it's not happening any time soon. i will come back and grovel if he wins the millenial vote after this election. >> it's important to say that he may not win the millenial vote outright or a plurality, but he is going to steal enough of voters away. >> all right. thanks for being with us. we'll be right back.
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that's it for us tonight. tune in tomorrow night for a special sunday edition of
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"justice" at 9:00 p.m. you will get a dose of "street justice" too. the greg gutfeld show is next. good night. see you in 24 hours. enjoy your evening. >> it's a fox urgent. widespread flooding killing three people in the south and heart breaking pictures of the devastation and rescues come out. rivers in louisiana and mississippi breaching their banks after days of of downpours. more than 1000 people were rescued in lous lose where flooding roach the record levels. we'll have much more on this developing situation ahead on the fox report. >> we are waiting on a rally with donald trump and his supporter ares. i am laura in for


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